Cooperative Bidding

Any potential bidder who obtains specifications from this website must email our Purchasing Agent, Barbara Costakis at barbara.costakis@dcboces.org and indicate the bid number of the specifications downloaded. By doing so, the potential vendor will be added to a bid holders list and will be notified of addenda, if any, in reference to that bid. Failure to do so may result in a non-responsive bid.

In the event that the Dutchess BOCES Administrative Office is closed the day of the Bid opening, the bid(s) will be opened the next day that the Dutchess BOCES Administrative Office is open at the same posted hour.


RFP/Bid Notices

Open Solicitations                                                                           

Cooperative Photocopy Paper Bid #2223-15
Cooperative Photocopy Paper Specs - RFB 2223-15

Please submit a sealed bid as per the bid specifications no later than March 23, 2023 at 2:00 PM.
Cooperative Photocopy Paper Bid #2223-15 ADDENDUM #1
Vendors, please submit a signed copy of this Addendum #1 with your bid for Dutchess BOCES Cooperative Photocopy Paper Bid #2223-15



   Closed Solicitations                                                                   

CTI Cosmetology Salon Furniture – Bid #2223-12
Please submit a sealed bid as per the bid specificationno later than 3:00 PM Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Addendum #1 to Dutchess BOCES CTI Cosmetology Salon Furniture Bid #2223-12

Vendors must submit both a complete copy of the Bid Specifications and the Addendum. 
If bid has already been submitted, Addendum may be submitted separately.”

Regional Telecommunications Network - RFP Bid #2223-13 - Receipt Confirmation Form
Please submit a sealed bid as per the bid specifications no later than 11:00 AM on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2023.

Dutchess BOCES Request for Proposal: Regional Telecommunications Network RFP Bid #2223-13

Addendum #1 to Ductchess BOCES Regional Telecommunications Network  RFP Bid #2223-13

Addendum #2-Extension of RFP Due Date-Dutchess BOCES Regional Telecommunications Network RFP #2223-13

Vendors:  Please include fully signed originals and three (3) copies of the Request for Proposal, Addenda #1 and #2 with your proposal.  You may also submit a signed copy of Addenda #1 & #2 separately from your proposal as long as we receive them on or before 11:00 AM on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

RFP #2223-13 Additional Site Document (NOTE:  Information included in Addendum #1)



   Awarded Solicitations                                                                

RFB-COOP-Re Bid    #2223-09                                                      
Photocopy Paper(COOPERATIVE)
Awarded - through

RFB-COOP-Re Bid     #2223-04                                                                 
Fresh Baked Bread Bid (COOPERATIVE)

  Awarded - through

RFB-COOP-Re Bid      #2223-03                                                             
Milk & Milk Products Bid  (COOPERATIVE)

  Awarded - through

RFB-COOP-Re Bid   #2122-07 Ext. #1                                                       
Fresh Baked Pizza Bid (COOPERATIVE)           

  Awarded - through 
RFB-COOP Bid       #2122-11 
Custodial Supplies Bid (COOPERATIVE)
December 31, 2022
RFB-COOP Bid    #2122-09 Ext. 1 
Office Products (COOPERATIVE)

December 31, 2023
RFB-COOP Bid  #2223-10
No. 2 Fuel Oil Bid (COOPERATIVE)
September 19, 2022
RFB-COOP-Re Bid   #2223-08
Door, Locks, Related Hardware & Services (COOPERATIVE)
Award through
October 13, 2023

 RFB-COOP Bid #2223-06
 Food & Grocery Bid (COOPERATIVE)

June 30, 2023
RFB-COOP Bid #2223-05 (eff 8/29/22)
Ice Cream and Frozen Treats Bid (COOPERATIVE)
June 30, 2023

RFB-COOP Bid #2122-10
Miscellaneous Auto Parts Bid (COOPERATIVE)

February 10, 2023


Frequently Used NYS OGS and Other Contracts

Athletic EquipmentNYS OGS contract thru 8-31-2024

Audio Visual Equipment & Accessories (Statewide)
– NYS OGS Contract thru 4-14-2023
(Please Note:  If you want to purchase technology equipment, please consult Dutchess BOCES IT Dept. before ordering.)
Books and Non-Print Library Materials and Related Ancillary Services( Statewide) 
– NYS OGS Contract  - thru 2-28-2023
Hardware Supplies
Dutchess County RFB-DCP-14-22 (Davies Hardware) through 4-13-2023
Industrial & Commercial Supplies and Equipment (Statewide)
– NYS OGS Contract – thru 9-30-2022

Kitchen and Laundry Equipment – NYS OGS Contract – thru 7/11/24

Medical and Laboratory Supplies and Equipment – NYS OGS Contract thru 7/17/2024

Nursing Supplies - Pocket Nurse - National IPA
Serials and Database Access (Statewide)
NYS OGS Contract thru 2-28-2023
School and Art Supplies (Statewide) – NYS OGS Contract thru 6-08-2023

  • Note to Dutchess BOCES Employees:  Please contact Barbara Costakis for instructions on how to access online bid catalog for School Specialty, Lakeshore Learning and W.B. Mason​​

STEM / STEAM, Science Laboratory Educational Supplies And Equipment (Statewide)

Towing, Recovery and Roadside Assistance (Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles) Dutchess County REBID RFB-DCP-69-21 through 12-31-2022

Vehicle and Equipment Parts and Related Product (Statewide)
– NYS OGS Contract thru 5-6-2024


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