District Superintendent Services

In addition to serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Dutchess BOCES, the District Superintendent serves as the Commissioner’s representative to the component districts, as well as a liaison between local districts and the State Education Department. The District Superintendent is able to call upon the resources of the State Education Department, colleges and universities, as well as professional staff of the BOCES to provide consulting services.

Best wishes for success to all students and educators in Dutchess County.

Following are some of the District Superintendent’s responsibilities as established by the Legislature and the Commissioner of Education to provide cost efficiency for participating districts and decentralization for the State Education Department. There is no charge to component districts for these services.

  • Facilitate communication and cooperation between districts, the State Education Department, and other public and private agencies.
  • Interpret and clarify Education Law, Commissioner’s Regulations, and other policies affecting education in this region; and serve as the regional contact point for State initiatives, such as the new Standards, Capacity, and Assessment initiatives.
  • Assist in developing educational policy while working closely with area legislators on behalf of public education.
  • Report to the Commissioner and work closely with the Deputy Commissioner for Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Continuing Education.
  • Conduct Registration Reviews in New York City and within the BOCES supervisory area, as well as for those schools identified as requiring improvement.
  • Assist with reorganization studies in participating districts and coordinate related efficiency grants.
  • Conduct searches to fill vacant superintendencies in local districts.
  • Investigate, hear, and decide upon boundary line disputes between districts.
  • Provide advice and counsel to local Boards of Education and in-service education for local superintendents.
  • Take cases on appeal and report testimony to the Commissioner, as directed.
  • Hold teacher conferences and counsel teachers in matters such as discipline and school management.
  • Provide assistance to non-public schools.
  • Act on behalf of other District Superintendents.
  • Approve BOCES service contracts and cross contracts.