TV and Film Production 

Teachers: Justin Brown 

TV and Film Production I & II

Course overview: This course introduces students to the basics of film production and will help students develop a solid foundation in the three phases of production (Pre-Production…scripts, storyboards etc…Production…”Action”…and Post Production…editing, voice overs etc.). In addition, students will develop skill and workplace competencies while exploring the production job market. TV/Video students will gain an understanding of how films and television shows are constructed, technically as well as thematically. Students will be introduced to the basic “building blocks” and formal elements of production (narrative, lighting, cinematography, sound, editing) that make up the film as well as some fundamental principles of analysis, genre, style, performance and storytelling.


Academics: Career literacy and math are integrated. 

College articulation agreements: Five Towns College, College of Westchester, Dutchess Community College

What students say...

"I find this class fun and interesting! I have access to equipment and training I would not otherwise. You go into other trades ad film, learn all about recording and editing, and have Movie Fridays! This will help me with my goal of entering Film school"

– Olivia Krein