Graphic Arts

Teacher: Stephen Lawson

Graphic Arts & Design I

Course overview: Students enrolled in Graphic Design program will develop skills and workplace competencies while exploring the many facets of communication careers. Students use a hands-on learning approach using the ADOBE SUITE of creative software where the emphasis is placed on problem solving skills, and communication techniques. As part of the graduation requirement, all students develop and create projects that will be part of a portfolio used in seeking employment or college acceptance. The majority of the work done is project-based. In year one, students will be introduced to design terms and concepts where they will learn and use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to make projects that utilize these concepts.

Graphic Arts & Design II

Course overview: In year two, students will build upon what they learned in year one with an emphasis on solving more complicated design tasks. They will learn to use digital tools on drawing pads and develop advanced photography skills. 

Academics: Career literacy and math are integrated into Graphic Arts & Design I and II.

College articulation agreements: Dutchess Community College, College of Westchester

What students say...

"Graphic Design has broadened my idea of art and given me an open mind. We create logos, design pamphlets, make holiday cards, critique each other's work and assemble a portfolio. This class prepares you for the field of graphic design or for any business field. I'm thinking of becoming a tattoo artist and the design skills I've learned will help me."

– Victoria Libolt

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