Law & Public Safety

Teacher: Frank Kolarik

Security and Law Enforcement I

Course overview: The first year of the program is designed as an introduction to the field of criminal justice, covering the components of the criminal justice system (police, courts, corrections), the interactions of these components through the steps in the criminal justice process, as well as the constitutional requirements of due process of law. Students will become familiar with the law, specifically the New York State Penal Law, the Criminal Procedure Law, and the Vehicle and Traffic Law. Students will also be exposed to controversial topics, such as search and seizure, use of force and police defensive tactics. Students will receive a realistic introduction to the popular subject of crime scene investigation. Students will finish the year by demonstrating their knowledge and skills through realistic scenario-based training.

Security and Law Enforcement II

The second year of the program begins with an introduction to criminology, including crime reporting, theories of crime and crime causation. After a brief examination of juvenile delinquency, the focus of the program shifts heavily to the investigation of various types of crimes. Finally, the emphasis of the second year leads to the field of security, including terrorism, threat assessment, as well as crime prevention. Students will have the opportunity to complete training and obtain certifications in CPR and First Aid, an Introduction to the National Incident Management System, an Introduction to the Incident Command System, and both the Pre-Service (8-hour) and In-Service (16-hour) New York State Security Guard Training.

Academics: Career literacy, science and physical education are integrated into Security and Law Enforcement I and II.

College articulation agreements: Herkimer County Community College, Columbia-Greene Community College, Dutchess Community College

What students say...

"This class had done so much for me. I am currently working in law enforcement. I will be graduating with my Master's Degree in just a few weeks. I owe it all to BOCES."

Ryleigh Nivens

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