The Witch attempts to pick the pumpkin.Salt Point Center students who receive services from the building’s speech department staged a wicked good show Oct. 30 where they put into practice what they have learned.

The seven students, along with a little help from speech department staff, reenacted Erica Silverman’s book “The Big Pumpkin” revolving around a stubborn pumpkin that everyone from a witch to a ghost has a hard time plucking from the ground.

The speech department decided to put on a show because they thought it would be fun for students to act out a story they read in sessions. SPC speech-language pathologist Colleen Nappi was impressed to see students work hard to deliver their lines with confidence and have fun while doing it.

“They’ve only had three rehearsals, so it’s pretty amazing that they did this,” Nappi said. “It was wonderful of them to be so brave and to get up there and say these lines in front of an audience.”

This year marked the first time these students performed in front of family members and SPC staff, which Nappi is hopeful will lead to similar events in the future.

“I’m hoping that we can continue and make this a tradition,” Nappi said. “Not only are they working on their speech goals, they’re working as a team.”

Reagan Albach, who played The Bat, most enjoyed the part of the show where her character tried to pull the Big Pumpkin out of the ground.

“I really liked being in the play,” Albach said.