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  • Jul 21, 2017
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Job Description:

Contact Tupper Lake Central School District Office for additional information and application requirements at 518-359-3371.

The School Library Media Specialist performs many functions including information specialist, teacher, instructional consultant and library manager.  Specific responsibilities include:

1.    Developing and implementing a program consistent with district standards.

2.    Working with classroom teachers to integrate library skills into the curriculum.

3.    Participating in curriculum development.

4.    Teaching information literacy skills to students.

5.    Encouraging students to be life-long readers and learners.

6.    Building and maintaining a collection which supports the curriculum.

7.    Using interlibrary loan to provide materials not available in the collection.

8.    Preparing and administering the library budget in cooperation with the building principal.

9.    Scheduling, training and supervising clerical staff.

10.  Establishing and implementing procedures for ordering and circulating materials.

11.  Maintaining accurate records of library holdings.

12.  Working cooperatively with the School Library System.

13.  Preparing reports on library use and activities for administrators and board members.

The Library Media Specialist collaborates with teaching staff in the development of student literacy through the administration of the library media & educational technology programs, provides specialized and class instruction to students and teaching staff, and oversees the selection, organization, utilization, and maintenance of library, information, and curriculum resources.

The Library Media Specialist reports to the Principal(s), and works with District curriculum and technical staff to coordinate library and educational technology programs.  The Library Media Specialist interacts daily with students, teachers, parents, administrators, and other district staff.

Qualifications:  School or Library Media Specialist Certification, and a strong background in instructional technology is necessary.

Application Deadline: (Still accepting Applications)

Start Date: 09/05/2017