Fourteen Resilience Academy students enjoyed a field trip to the Walkway Over the Hudson May 17.
“I think interacting with nature is an important part of their growth and education,” shared teacher Stephen Blair. He shared that students were recommended for the trip by their teachers for coming to school regularly, doing school work, and positive behavior. 
“We walked across the bridge, took in some local history by reading the various signs posted across the walk about different aspects of the Hudson Valley, and enjoyed lunch on the other side,” Blair said.
Micheal Ford shared that it was his first time on the Walkway. “I learned that I like walking. I thought I didn’t like walking, but I learned that I just didn’t like walking alone,” he said. “Having people with you to talk to as you go makes it a fun experience.”
Abigail Gonzalez, a talented artist at the Resilience Academy, used the field trip as an opportunity to shoot photos of the scenery, the American flag, her classmates and teachers, and more.
“Nature is really beautiful,” shared Gonzalez. “It was so nice to spend time with my classmates outside of the classroom.”  Photos courtesy of Abigail Gonzalez