Thirty one students from Dutchess BOCES’ Career & Technical Institute were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) during a ceremony May 2.

In order to qualify, students must complete an application with a writing prompt, provide community service hours and recommendation letters from instructors and job supervisors and have an overall career technical education average of 93 or above.
Principal Nick Millas noted that the NTHS’ mission is to advocate for and empower all students to pursue the skills needed to build their careers and the global workforce. He encouraged his students to follow this mantra and be community leaders that BOCES can partner with in the future.

“We have entered a time of unprecedented low employment rates and look to our students to not only fill the large gap in the workforce, but also provide leadership,” Millas said. “Whatever pathway you choose, do what makes you happy, give back to your community and put in an honest day’s work that you and others can be proud of.” Students read the National Technical Honor Society pledge during the 2024 induction ceremony

NTHS second year members read the attributes of the organization, followed by the new inductees each receiving a certificate and a purple and white cord with positive attributes read aloud about them written by their respective instructors. The new inductees read the NTHS pledge to close out the ceremony.

First year HVAC student Nathaniel Ruiz, who was described during the ceremony as always prepared and enthusiastic, was honored to receive this distinction and explained what it means to him.

“It encourages me to work a lot harder than I have been and to be a lot more conscientious to help others and be the person this organization can support,” Ruiz said. “I’m overjoyed, truly.”

First year cosmetology student Tina Phan, who shows leadership qualities such as integrity and accountability, said the distinction encourages her to continue to do her best and support her classmates, whom she is close with.

“We all just get along and I love going there every day,” Phan said. “I’ve always grown around beauty, nails, hair and I find it very interesting.”

In order to succeed at CTI, Phan recommends showing up on time, completing all assignments and bringing effort and energy.

“If you put your mind to it, you’ve got it,” Phan said.