Work is progressing on the new building that will become the home of CTI and the Alternative High School.
The Career and Technical Institute is scheduled to reopen this fall, as planned, while construction on the $36.8 million capital project progresses.

Abatement work is complete and crews are working on the floors and running pipe and wiring to the new building, Matt Metzger, Dutchess BOCES’ school business official said. Bathrooms in the A and B wings were also remodeled.

“We want the existing building to be as close to operational as possible by the start of school,” he said, adding that remodeling work has started on Room 301, which will become the main office of the new building.

The view is much different on the site than even a couple weeks ago. Steel decking and trusses that were delivered in May have been installed and walls are going up. Across the parking lot, work is also being done at Salt Point Center to replace the vestibule. That, too, is scheduled to be complete by the time school resumes, Metzger said.

Work has begun on a new vestibule for Salt Point Center.Construction workers and vehicles from multiple contractors, including Worth Construction, S&O Construction, CB Strain, Upstate Electric, United Safety and Amity Construction Corp. can be seen throughout the day, working to get the project - which began in June 2020 - complete.

A revised timeline for the project reflects delays caused by the removal of the initial excavator from the job.

Amity Construction Corp. was hired this spring to complete emergency work after Casa Builders was removed from the project. Later, Amity was chosen to complete the remaining excavation work.  A surety (insurance) company has already made payment to BOCES to offset some costs related to the original firm’s inability to complete the job. Once complete, the project will consolidate Salt Point Center, the Alternative High School and the Career and Technical Institute on one campus.

“The number one priority is student space,” Superintendent Richard Hooley said during a presentation to the board earlier this month. “We will continue to work with Palumbo Group to ensure all classrooms, cafeteria and other dedicated student spaces will be complete and ready for 2022.”

After further review, it will be decided if it is most prudent to progress with the completion of the conference center space at this time or wait a bit longer. Adjustments to finishes and functions may need to be considered.

“It may be wisest fiscally to delay the completion of the conference center in order to provide the best end product for our community,” Hooley said. “It would also allow us to determine and assess the effects the pandemic has had on improved instructional technology before outfitting the new space.”

The Palombo Group’s construction update to the board of trustees on July 7 indicated that in the coming weeks, foundation work on the new addition and steel work would be done to help make progress toward enclosing the building. Surrounding site work will also continue.

The project, approved by county residents in 2018, will improve security, address ADA compliance, enhance facilities in support of high quality instruction in addition to consolidating all programs to one campus.

An extractor moves dirt at CTI as part of the capital project.A view of the construction site on July 12, 2021.A peek inside a room being renovated at CTI as part of the project.A worker removes water from the ceiling at Salt Point Center.