Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology team at Dutchess BOCES  will provide both evaluation and direct support at the request of districts to determine which type of technology may best work to improve educational outcomes.

Assistive Technology Evaluation

Dutchess BOCES Assistive Technology specialists will provide a comprehensive evaluation at the request of the student’s school district.  The student’s academic team will be asked to complete paperwork that provides the AT specialist with valuable information about the student’s function/needs at school.  Upon review of this paperwork, the specialist will observe the student and perform trials with various technologies within his/her educational setting.  The AT specialist will then interview the educational team.  All relevant information gathered will be used to formulate a recommendation to be presented by the AT specialist to the student’s Committee on Special Education for review.

Assistive Technology Support

Upon district request, the Dutchess BOCES Assistive Technology specialists will provide consultation and training to promote the integration and use of technology tools within the academic environment.  Follow up support is also provided upon district request, including staff development.