Educational Resources

The Educational Resources Division provides a broad array of professional support to school districts, schools, their staff and students. The division goal is to improve teaching and learning for all students. This goal is met through services that focus on leadership development, staff training and curriculum development, comprehensive planning, data analysis, integration of special and general education, specialized student programming, broadband network infrastructure for video and data, and learning technology.

School Improvement provides a broad range of educational programs and services operating in concert with the State Education Department, component districts, local institutions of higher education, public and private agencies, educational consultants, professional organizations and other BOCES. These programs offer school districts a cost-effective means of responding to student and staff needs. School Improvement services assist component school districts in developing local capacity to successfully improve their schools through comprehensive programs for staff and curriculum development and technological training.

Dutchess BOCES, in conjunction with its component districts, has designed a vision for elementary and secondary education that includes a major commitment to advanced telecommunications and distributed computer technology. To facilitate the implementation of this vision, Dutchess BOCES offers to its component school districts a series of technology services. A decision to participate in any or all of these services will improve each school district’s capacity to achieve its educational mission.


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Educational Resources
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