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The Betta Fish was chosen as our mascot along with the slogan "Join the School". The BETA fish not only shares the name of our school but also a number of characteristics in common with the students of BETA. Betta fish are unique and beautiful like the students at BETA. Betta fish are also known as "fighting fish". The students at BETA are fighting for their education. Betta fish, like other fish, travel in schools and require a nuturing environment to thrive, not unlike our students at BETA.


Dutchess BOCES Alternative HS teacher Lisah Babb wins the 2017 Award for Teaching Excellence, presented by the Mid-Hudson School Study Council.
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Celebrating Earth Day at the Alternative High School

The Green Team Environmental Club participated in Earth Day Activities including cleaning up the school grounds, setting up a table with information about how long it takes for trash to decompose, recycling guides, information about Earth Day events, how trash affects wildlife and upcycling.  Students and staff upcycled materials to make crafts that they displayed on the table during the lunch periods.



Alternative High School Field Day 2016



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