Nursing Assistant Course Description:

Nursing Assistant program is a one year course approved by the New York State Education Department. This program is taught half days over one academic year. This course will be available to high school juniors and seniors who will be taught to function within the various levels of patient care. The local community hospitals, nursing homes or state hospitals may be used for clinical experiences. Upon successful completion this program student will be prepared for the New York State Assistant Exam [separate fee required] and will be eligible for recommendation to enter Practical Nurse I. The student will be objectively introduced via classroom instruction and clinical patient experiences to learn about:

1. The various members of the health care team, their functions and educational requirements.
2. The job skills that is common to health care services and patient care including observational and communication skills.
3. The human body, its structure and functions, with associated basic skills.
4. Personality development and related developmental theories.
5. Basic nutrition.
6. Meet the basic needs of patients assigned to her/his care.
7. Analyze her/his potential and select appropriate goals for vocational mobility.

Pre-Requisite Requirements:

1. High School [12th grade] student interested in a nursing career.
2. Successful completion of 2 years of Math.
3. Successful completion of 2 years of Science [1 year Biology preferred].
4. Completed application, including cover transcript, with additional year-end grades to be submitted for final determination.
5. Successful completion of Introduction to Health Occupations


- Health Occupations Education Core [16 hours]
- 1 Unit Intergraded Science
- 0.5 Unit Intergraded English
- 2.5 Units Nurse Assistant [216 hours]  
- Clinical Practice (108 hours)

TOTAL - 4 Units

Career Opportunities:

  • Nurse Assistant
  • Unit Assistant

Educational Opportunities:

  •  Successful completion may allow the student to enter Practical Nurse I