Real Estate


Buying or Selling Real Estate:  A Smart Guide

Rick Nathan, a consumer advocate, will show you techniques that will save you money.
You will learn how to buy and sell your home, deal with foreclosure property, purchase and sell raw land, buy and sell condos, co-ops.  In addition, the course will also cover investment property and multi-families and buying with no money down.

Real Estate Salesperson Qualifying Course

Fascinated by the prospects of a career in real estate? Here is the first step. Approved by New York State, this course is a prerequisite in order to take the State Salesperson's License Exam.  Meeting the attendance requirements is critical.  To receive a course certificate, you must pass the final exam with 70% or better and attend 70.5 of the 75 hours of instruction.  Hours missed will need to be made up in succeeding courses.  The last session, not counted in the instructional hours, is scheduled for the final exam.

The Residential Mortgage Loan Process & the Key to Being a Successful Mortgage Loan Officer

There will always be a need for Mortgage Loan Officers in the field of Real Estate Financing!  Even if you are not pursuing a career in mortgage originations this course will educate you in what it takes to put together a complete mortgage loan package.  Learn how to pre-approve homebuyers and determine their affordability, or your own.  Be able to analyze credit and income and explain the step by step process when applying for a mortgage.  Also recognize the different types of mortgage programs available and how they affect your eligibility.  You will also learn basic marketing and networking skills that will enable you to establish a book of business and become successful in the mortgage banking industry. (This is not a Real Estate Continuing Ed Class).

Eligible Veterans may qualify for GI benefits.